​5 great plants to help brighten up your bathroom

According to those in the know one of the hottest interiors trends is the idea of bringing the outdoors indoors. 

It’ll help you relax, it’ll improve your mood, there might even be health benefits; but the best part? It’s as simple as (in fact this may even be all there is to it) buying some plants and placing them around your home. Easy!

When it comes to bathrooms though, some plants are better suited than others. Whilst warmth and humidity aren’t for everyone, these guys can’t get enough…

Aloe vera
Ditch the medicine cabinet, aloe vera’s got you covered. This evergreen perennial is great for treating burns, bites, cuts and scrapes; and with its long tentacle-like leaves, is lovely to look at too. It’ll need plenty of sun though, so be sure to place it where the light is bright and plentiful.

People sometimes think that orchids are temperamental - but if you place yours on a bright windowsill, and treat it to regular blasts of steam from a nice hot shower - well, you’ve inadvertently recreated the exact tropical conditions they’re so very keen on, haven’t you? Just try to keep them out of direct sunlight as this can burn their leaves.

Snake Plant
AKA Mother-in-Law’s tongue, but we’re not going to lower the tone like that. These are particularly low maintenance and don’t need a great deal of light; so well worth considering if your bathroom’s on the darker side. They’re also useful for filtering out air pollutants such as formaldehyde, which is commonly found in toilet paper and cleaning products. Impressive!

All the plants on this list love the humidity. None of them, however, are bringing that flowery hit of colour quite like an azalea. Purple, white, pink, red? Go ahead, pick the shade that best compliments your existing colour scheme. We won’t judge.

The hardiest, most foolproof pick of the lot. Just pop it in a jar or vase with some pebbles and water and watch it go! Seriously, this is a grower!  Probably best you get those secateurs at the ready.

So there you have it, the first ever-so-simple step towards making your bathroom a more relaxing and welcoming environment.

And for all those bigger jobs, please don’t hesitate to contact Style Bathrooms, Grimsby; where our expert team of designers and fitters are ready to help guide you along the way.

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ENG: I decided to participate in this #LetsGrowIn2020 for 31 day. Day 1: Variegated plant. Actually it was difficult to choose one as I have many variegated plants. But I think one of my snake plants deserves the spotlight this time! This is Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii'. I got it as a 'Thank You' gift for organising a Bachelorette Party of a friend of mine. I love these kind of gifts, you know. 😅 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · LV: Es arī nolēmu piedalīties haštaga #LetsGrowIn2020 31 dienu garumā. 1. diena: raiblapains augs. Bija grūti izvēlēties vienu, jo man augu ar raibām lapām ir visai daudz. Šoreiz nolēmu dalīties ar līdakasti jeb sansevjēru 'Laurentii'. To es saņēmu kā "paldies" par draudzenes vecmeitu ballītes organizēšanu. Vispār jauks veids, kā saņemt paldies! 😅 · · · · #snakeplant #sansevieria #sansevieriatrifasciata #succulents #botanist #houseplantclub #onlinehouseplants #indoorjungle #plantaddict #plantsofinstagram #plantlady #indoorplants #houseplantjournal #theplantsociety #tropicalia #plantgeek #plantgangriga #plantmafia #puķumafija

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